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Safe investments: complete guide (updated 2019)

We are talking about safe investments for 2019, analyzing not only the best offers on the market for those who want to invest without risks, but also the main medium and long-term strategies to reduce the risk of our portfolio.

It is not true that financial markets must necessarily be similar to gambling. Those who invest intelligently, following the right information and above all with strict discipline, can achieve fair results on the financial markets, without taking excessive risks.

We will also analyze the concept of risk: yes, because we often do not know and do not easily understand what risk in the investment actually means .

What you are about to read is therefore a complete guide, which will allow you to identify in absolute autonomy the best options you have for safe investments in 2019.

The guide will not really leave anything to chance and will allow you to operate with large or small capitals, sheltering them from inflation and above all making savings, at a sustainable pace.

Let’s see together everything there is to know about safe investments and why they can be a good choice.

What does safe investment mean?

Let’s start from the beginning: what does safe investment mean? What makes an investment less risky than others?

The issue is relatively complicated and for this reason we have decided to give you a small introduction on what financial risk means and above all on what it means to invest in a safe way in 2019.

Every investment presents a risk, otherwise it would not have a return. Indeed, reversing what is the fundamental axiom of finance, we can say that return is directly linked to risk.

All investments have an inherent risk, which however is of a different degree. There are very risky tools, and there are much less risky, almost completely safe tools .

This is it: don’t trust this or that financial promoter who recommends completely risk-free tools. Of course, there are tools that are practically at zero risk, but the “practically” we have affixed means that there are no conceptual risk-free instruments.

Let’s take school examples, to confirm what we have just said:

  1. Postal books: are they safe? Much, given that Poste Italiane is not only solid, but is also a public subsidiary. In addition, postal savings instruments are largely guaranteed by the Italian Treasury. Can Italy therefore fail? Sure. It would be a catastrophe that would affect the economy of the whole world, but it is certainly not an impossible event;
  2. Actions: even when choosing solid company shares, the risks are always around the corner. In this case, it is not only the bankruptcy of the company, but also a loss of value, that can worry you. Example? Those who bought UBI Banca shares at the end of 2006 paid them around € 20 each. Today he could sell them for around 2 euros!

Obviously these are not the only examples of risks that we could report to help you understand what it means to take risks by investing in the stock market or investing more generally.

When we talk – and this is the purpose we are proposing in this guide – of safe investments, we are looking for investment instruments that try not to lose value, neither on the short nor in the long term.

It can be done? Sure. Although to be affected, we say to the avoidance of any possible misunderstanding, will certainly be the returns.

It is not just a question of safe investment instruments

Hundreds of our readers ask us what titles to buy to stay safe and invest without too much risk.

In reality the question is not only related to this or that action, this obligation or that other.

Minimizing risks and making truly safe investments means having an active management of your portfolio, with adequate diversification to invest.

What does diversification mean? We talk about it in the next paragraph.

Strategy is perhaps more important than titles

As we mentioned earlier, in reality it is the strategy that makes our investments safe. What does it mean? It means that on the one hand we will have to choose securities with a low risk profile, on the other hand we will have to diversify the investment, inserting in the portfolio, when possible, different types of securities.

An example? You can choose to buy some stocks, some bonds, some ETFs and some derivatives on the indices.

Diversification is essential for having safe investments

Diversification is a fundamental tool for investing with confidence and minimizing risks.

But what is diversification? What are its foundations? Why can it help us lower the risk of our investment?

To diversify means, as the old saying goes, not to put all our eggs in one basket. We therefore need to invest in different stocks, different markets and possibly even different sub-funds.

Imagine having all your capital invested in the shares of an important group, which, however, causes -10% due to unexpected problems. You will have lost 10% of all your investment.

If, on the other hand, you have different types of securities in your portfolio, even the collapse of one of the investments would not have a huge impact on your portfolio because it would be depreciated by other investments.

Although we have limited capital to invest, we can still differentiate successfully, for example, as we will see later in our guide today, investing in already differentiated stocks, such as ETFs.

For small investors or big savers: here are the differences

Yes, investing with huge capital at your disposal or with very small savings is different. In the first case we can organize a very structured and articulated portfolio, which effectively and effectively manages to diversify.

In the second case, on the other hand, diversifying into a portfolio of different security stocks is much more difficult. Don’t worry though, because as we will see later, there are specific titles designed specifically for those who need to differentiate and have no huge capital at their disposal.

The importance of a demo account

Starting to invest from scratch, immediately putting your capital at the forefront, is never a good idea. Our advice is to open a free demo account, which allows you to operate with virtual capital, until you consider it appropriate and more generally to test your strategies.

By using virtual capital, you will be able to work in peace and learn to modulate your risks.

In the table below you will find 4 platforms to invest in the stock market recommended by our team – on all 4 you can get a free demo account for the practice.

The safe tools to invest in 2019

Let’s get to the heart of the matter, or the tools to invest safely in 2019. What are the best titles? We will analyze them one by one, to understand their pros and cons.

Invest safely with deposit accounts

Deposit accounts are certainly one of the best safe tools for those who have to invest less than 100,000 euros. Under this threshold, as we will see later, they are completely safe tools.

The deposit account is also a very simple tool to use: you just need to pay the sum and wait, without doing anything, for the agreed interest to mature.

There are many institutes that allow you to open a deposit account, either restricted or free.

Among the advantages in choosing this type of solution we have:

  1. Security: thanks to the interbank guarantee fund, the deposit accounts are completely covered up to 100,000 euros, even if the bank goes bankrupt;
  2. Simplicity: you absolutely don’t need to trade online. You will not have to follow the markets and you will not have to be interested in the investment. The deposit account generates returns without you having to do anything;
  3. Accessibility and funds: you can also invest very small amounts. You need just a few hundred euros to start investing.

However, there are also downsides regarding deposit accounts:

  1. Non-excellent yields: the net percentage point is hardly exceeded. In some cases you can get a little more, even if never more than 2%;
  2. Almost necessary to constrain: it becomes almost necessary to bind the sums, because deposit accounts are bound to offer the best returns.

The deposit account can be the ideal destination of a part of our capital, the one we want to keep in greater security.

Invest in an already diversified way: ETFs could be safer

ETFs are securities that replicate the performance of an entire stock market index. It is therefore an already differentiated investment, which could do for those looking for investments with potentially higher returns, even if they do not have sufficient capital to adequately differentiate on their own.

There are hundreds of ETFs that are also listed on the Milan stock exchange and that you can buy with any trading platform.

What are the advantages of ETFs?

  1. These are already diversified investments: which means that you won’t have all the eggs in one basket;
  2. You can choose very large baskets, as in the case of ETF World, which invest in all the best stocks in the world by capitalization. In this case the diversification is even wider;
  3. They are easy to buy and sell, because they are securities listed on all the major global stock exchanges. If you choose ETFs that have good liquidity, you will also end up selling and buying with really minimal spreads;
  4. Very low commissions: always much lower than those that are instead imposed by mutual funds ;

Are there any downsides for those who want to invest safely using ETFs?

  1. Avoid emerging countries: yields are potentially very high, but they are still among the most risky securities in the world;
  2. They are however stocks, even if composed. The synthetic risk index is always or almost always between 4 and 7.

Secure postal investments: do they exist? Are they convenient?

Poste Italiane has been the natural destination for all those who have saved, in Italy, in the last 60 years.

Today, however, despite the substantial security of the institution, it is no longer the case to invest with Poste Italiane, for the reasons of which we will talk very soon.

Security: Poste Italiane is partly guaranteed by the MEF and therefore its solidity is closely linked to that of Italy. Of course, Italy is a relatively solid country and there do not seem to be – at least for the moment – problems in this sense. Where is the problem then? We see it very soon.

Returns: postal passbook savings accounts and savings bonds today have yields close to zero. What does it mean? It means that you will deposit your money in an institution that has the same security as the Italian Republic, but with lesser returns.

The post office today cannot be considered an interesting investment, no matter how safe it may be.

Our advice today is to look elsewhere, where, at equal risk, significantly higher yields can be taken home without any problem.

In the guide we have offered you today, you have all the best information available to organize a much more interesting portfolio, while remaining within the framework of safe investments.

Safe investments in the bank: do they still make sense?

Can you invest through the bank? Yes, even if it is not always the best of the options we have available.

Investing in the bank means leaving the financial promoter the complete management of our portfolio, leaving him even the freedom to choose instruments that may appear to be safe and which could then prove to be much less secure.

Remember also that the investment through the bank has much higher costs: this means that a substantial part of your profits, especially if you invest or points in investing in a secure manner, will remain in your pocket practically nothing.

Use the bank to a minimum, choosing a very cheap securities deposit if you want to buy bonds. For all other instruments, it is certainly more appropriate to choose a product for direct online trading.

Are mutual funds safe investments?

. It depends on the composition of the fund and the synthetic risk index. What does this mean? It means that within the category of funds there is a bit of everything, from relatively quiet bond funds to equity and liquid funds that instead have a very high risk.

Our advice is, in general, to avoid resorting to this type of instrument. The costs always exceed or nearly 2% on average, which means that for a low-risk investment the return is always or almost negative.

The synthetic risk index: is it useful to find safe investments?

Yes, although not always. The synthetic risk index evaluates the risk inherent in an instrument, taking into account various factors.

The risk is thus expressed on a scale of 1 to 7, with 1 being the minimum risk and 7 being the maximum risk.

It may be useful to consult this information, especially if we are buying titles that are composed of other titles.

However, do not always consider this a Bible: often synthetic risk indices are too inaccurate to give us a precise and reliable idea of ​​the risk that a given investment entails.

Conclusions: what to really know to invest safely

There are several final considerations that we want to share with you that you want to invest safely.

  1. Doing it yourself helps: if you want to be certain of the risk of your wallet, the best way to do it is to manage all transactions directly. Today with the great online brokers you have available you can do it in a very simple way;
  2. Diversification is necessary: it is increasingly necessary to diversify, especially if we want to reduce risk to a minimum and potentially increase returns;
  3. Trusting is almost never a good idea: the interests of the financial promoter or the bank are often in open conflict with yours. What to do then? Simple, read point 1.

Invest 20 euros on the stock exchange

Do you want to do stock trading but you don’t have much capital to invest? Welcome to this little guide where we want to present you a practical and intelligent way to start with a small amount of money and become over time a capable and effective stock trader, increasing your capital step by step, but constantly.

If you only have € 20 with which you want to start investing in the stock market, this small project offers you as a series of useful indications to capitalize on this sum to the maximum, certainly you cannot expect to become a millionaire within a week starting from just € 20 , but you will see that something can always be done on the stock exchange even starting from minimum figures.

If you started looking for a method like investing only 20 euros in the best way, I am sure that google has suggested a series of viable options, some good, some less so.

If you are interested in the stock market, financial investments and, therefore, the fascinating world of online trading, you could use 20 euros to buy a professional ebook to start training and we at believe it is the best thing to do.

If you are interested in this last aspect, I want to point out to you that for a few weeks you have the possibility to download a really well done manual to learn how to take your first steps on the stock exchange.

Investing in the stock market 20 euros: is it possible to do so?

Well, theoretically yes, today thanks to the fact that the exchange has become accessible online, aspiring traders from all over the world can decide and manage at will when, where and how to invest. The problem, if anything, is that it’s not possible to start a trader’s career with just € 20, but wait, if you’re thinking that you need a few thousand euros to become a trader you’re wrong in the same way.

You can easily invest a small amount of money on the stock exchange, but the main problem is that if you intend to do it online, or the only place where it is really feasible and convenient, you can’t start directly with € 20, but you’ll need some extra money.

As you will know the only way to have access to financial markets on the internet is through the brokers that offer this kind of services directly on the net, but they do not allow their customers to start trading starting from figures lower than 100 € , so although you can always decide to risk up to 20 € the initial deposit must always be at least 100 € or 200 € (vaia depending on the broker).

The good news is that it is your money and your only one that you can take back when you want – however pay attention to the disclaimers and terms and conditions of each platform – these may vary.

Moreover, becoming a client of a broker that offers you the possibility to invest starting from € 100 very often means entering the world of online trading in the best way, provided that you are able to choose your financial intermediary for good.

How to best invest 20 euros in the stock market?

To best use € 20 you must first study a good variety of possible assets on which you would like to invest. Brokers often offer you dozens if not hundreds of assets and securities on which you might decide to invest, but the best thing to do is to select only a few, at most 2 or 3, because going further would only be confusing in your head.

So consider many options initially once you have discarded most of them, choose a maximum of 2 assets where you think you could be successful in investing.

The next step will not be to immediately invest your 20 euros, but to start studying. Throwing yourself immediately into the fray would be deleterious indeed, if you “lose” 10 minutes at least instead of doing analysis and understanding how your underlying moves then you can greatly increase the chances that your trade is successful.

You can do technical analysis very quickly and in less than 10 minutes you could understand what is the right time to open a market position with excellent chances that you deserve credit with a considerable profit.

How much can you earn by investing € 20?

Let’s say that if you only have € 20 available, the gains cannot be too high, but in the end, if you are using a very volatile asset with good daily flares then you will see that the chances of profit are high .

For example operating on the Forex we say on the pair of Euro Dollar Currencies, or Japanese Yen Dollar, you could attend important daily excursions, but the best thing is to establish a precise profit target around 10 maximum 20 pips (minimum possible variations on the trend of price of an asset) if these pipes are registered in the right direction of purchase or sale your earnings could even be of some tens of euros daily.

Reading these small market movements that you need to get your daily income is easy, just use a small investment strategy.


Be very careful, however, because starting from 20 euros the risks on the investment could be fatal to you very soon if the market moves in the opposite direction compared to what you expected it could end up losing part of your capital and therefore you have to be careful to close in hurry your market position and not worry about it too much. A mistake that all beginners make is to remain in the market even when they lose while in reality it is stupid. Only profits must run, losses must be cut as soon as they arise.

Invest in a 10 euro stock exchange

You didn’t think it was possible, right? And yet it is so, today you can also think of investing in small amounts, or rather small ones, on the stock exchange, because if you have only 10 euros available.

Let’s talk about a rather small amount, but we still want to talk to you about the possible solutions to get something with minimal effort.

Although it is somewhat difficult to understand how to make good investments with € 10, it is possible by following a series of essential precautions and the rules used by professionals who know their stuff when it comes to stock market investments .

Let’s say immediately that if your intention is to invest only € 10 technically this is not possible.

It is not in the real stock exchange where in reality capital is needed starting at a minimum of € 10,000 and it is not even possible on the net theoretically, but perhaps there is a solution and it is available online.

To offer you a solution are the brokers that deal with online trading and now we want to explain how.

With the brokers that offer stock exchange trading directly with an internet connection you can also use small amounts to invest and you can already get something using them to the fullest.

The problem is that if you really intend to invest only € 10 you do not have the possibility to leave, this is due to the fact that the brokers ask you at least € 100 to start an investment activity.

This happens because starting from too small a capital is risky, but not only, also because the gains that can be made starting from small amounts are just as small and not very attractive.

One hundred euros is a balanced sum and not too burdensome, a sum that anyone can really afford to start investing in financial markets.

The advice to start better?

Most people can immediately have a similar amount and then in general they can do without confusingly knowing that it is money to “invest” and not throw away for the usual useless expenses.

With money you make more money, that’s why we’re here and we want to explain how you can manage to invest € 10. Let’s say we will try to explain you risk just € 10, but the strategies we will talk about will always be based on the initial € 100 sum.

Why do we say this?

Because as we said and start investing in the stock exchange it is impossible that you can start from a figure lower than this unless it is a poor quality provider that has no real interest in getting you to really earn money with online trading.

How to invest 10 € on the stock exchange?

Investing such a low figure requires a lot of patience and thrift in investments.

It will not be easy to get out of this procedure unscathed because the margin of error is really minimal but by following a few simple rules you can get a minimum of earnings and increase your capital in small steps, even if you spend 10 € at a time.

The first thing to do is to identify an investment asset well. To invest well 10 euros in the stock exchange you cannot ignore a well-chosen and carefully studied asset selection.

For example, you should always avoid excessively volatile assets because if on the one hand they could help you increase profits.

On the other hand, this type of asset (investment assets) may be too volatile and therefore your positions may be affected, in the sense that you would risk losing the € 10 you set as trading capital too quickly.

Our advice is therefore to study in depth different assets and choose a balanced one, at this point you do not have to immediately throw yourself into the fray to try to place your executed.

Spend time doing technical analysis without opening positions and only when you understand the behavior of the good you are interested in can you think of opening a buying or selling position on it.

The second step to follow is the choice of leverage. Leverage is a factor that helps you multiply profits because it multiplies your trading capital in practice € 10 can virtually become € 1000 thanks to leverage if you choose that 1: 100.

However, we advise against it because it could be risky, if you want to invest only 10 € you have to choose at most a financial leverage of 1: 50 in this way you will enjoy the advantages of leverage but without exposing yourself to too high risks, especially if you are starting out.

The brokers always offer you customizable financial levers and so you just have to choose those assets where leverage is moderate and rather low.

But which are the best brokers to invest in the best starting from just 10 euros?

How much can you earn by investing € 10 on the stock exchange?

Starting from a minimum capital of 100 €, you can think of keeping the profits rather high even risking just € 5 at a time or even less if you wish.

The most important thing is to set the stop loss level well based on market volatility but above all to ensure that only 5% or even less of your trading capital is at risk.

Don’t worry because the profit potential will not suffer and starting from a capital of 100 € if the price hikes reach at least 10 – 20 pips a day the gains can be considerable.

Acting moderately and paying attention to the risks you could also earn 20 – 30 euros a day, certainly not talking about stratospheric gains but considering that you are risking a lot less than 100 €, you would say that the game is worth the candle is not it?


By following these simple rules it will not be difficult to obtain the profits you want from investments in financial markets, with the slow but steady growth of your total capital you will be able to multiply profits gradually over time.

Even if as you have seen you will not be able to leave with only 10 € you can make sure that your investment risk amounts to that amount and you can do it very easily.

So, roll up your sleeves and think about gaining experience on how to better manage your investments; it will be the best way to make a brilliant career in stock exchange trading.

How to invest the savings in 2020: Complete guide

How to invest the savings in 2020 ? What are the best opportunities we have available to operate in the markets? Should we still rely on the Post Office or the bank ?

In today’s guide we will analyze the best strategies for investing savings, also tracing different paths depending on the objectives and the amount of capital.

We will also talk about how much to invest for optimal results, taxation and convenience.

If you have put aside a nest egg, however large or small, we advise you to read through our guide, which will analyze every aspect of the investment through our experts, even for those who are beginners.

We also advise you to read our investment guide even if you already have some experience in the markets. We will have some goodies even if you have already invested in the past and you simply want to change gears.

You are preparing to read the most complete guide ever written on how to invest in 2020, whether it is the savings of a lifetime or a small sum that you have decided to risk on the financial markets.

The current situation of the world economy

Without wanting to claim to offer a complete examination of the financial markets, we believe it necessary to introduce you to the world and local situation of the financial markets, which we must always keep under observation before making investments with our savings, even if it were a question of a short-term investment.

  1. There is great demand for safe investments: not only from small savers, but also from institutional investors. This has pushed the yields of government bonds safe (and similar) downward ;
  2. The stock market pulls: not universally, but in the markets that matter most. Those who invested a few months ago in equities often achieved good returns;
  3. The emerging countries pull less: the emerging markets that had enabled many to invest successfully seem to be in relative crisis. China, Russia, Turkey and Brazil no longer grow as they did a few years ago.

How to invest, savings is more important than where to invest

It was NOT a random choice: how to invest is much more important than where to invest.

This is because, especially when it comes to investing savings, we will have to have a good strategy, thinking about both the short and the long term, setting goals and trying to be disciplined.

Not having a strategy, says the Anglo-Saxon and American tradition, means having the perfect strategy to fail.

We must therefore analyze our risk appetite, our goals, the capital that we are actually willing to invest, and above all what we expect to happen in the near future.

On our site you can find in-depth guides to set the right strategy and choose your goals.

The alternative of social trading

The social trading is one of the best opportunities we have available to trade, especially if we have not experienced and we still want to begin to employ our capital.

How does social trading work?

  1. You can follow successful investors and copy trading, with just one click. You can choose from hundreds of traders who have your risk profile and your goals;
  2. You can get free signals, since the best platforms analyze the investment trend of thousands of subscribers and are able to tell you automatically how and where the market will move;

Do you want to try social trading without investing even 1 euro? eToro – click on this link – offers you a free demo account with social trading that you can start using immediately.

The demo account, as we will soon see in our continuous guide, is an account that allows you to invest with virtual capital, without initially investing your savings.

How much are you willing to risk?

Risk is the fundamental concept of every type of financial market. The return you get for your investments is compensation for the risk you run by lending money or investing.

What you need to understand before investing your savings is that you have to understand how much you are willing to risk.

What do we mean? We mean that on the one hand a greater risk is accompanied by a greater potential gain and on the other hand the more you risk, the more obviously your capital will be in jeopardy.

You will necessarily have to answer the following questions before choosing a winning strategy to invest your savings:

  1. What part of capital can I afford to lose ? It is one thing to look for the maximum profit with money that is not fundamental for our survival, one thing is to risk capital that we will need in the near future;
  2. Which performance can satisfy me ? If you need or want to earn as much as possible from your invested savings, you will inevitably have to commit yourself to risk something more.

Is it possible to invest savings without risk?

If you are an attentive reader of our website, you will already know how to answer this question: do you think it is ever possible to invest today without having to bear a risk, albeit minimal?

Investments and risk-free are two entities that cannot be put together at all.

There is no investment without risk. And know one thing, we tell you about the over ten years of experience in the sector: if you happen to read or listen to an investment without having to bear a minimum level of risk, things are two:

  1. It is a scam;
  2. They are making fun of you.

Ponder every single aspect well before investing your savings, implementing a risk management strategy that provides for a weighted diversification by virtue of the economic situation of the reference period.

But that is not all. Before implementing it and then adopting the operations for opening orders in the portfolio, you understand how much you are willing to lose, in the eventuality in percentage, compared to what you have budget to invest.

What does safe investment mean in 2020?

The economic scenario has changed radically and today investing in security means:

  1. Minimize any losses: or study a strategy that allows you to sterilize the risks before they occur;
  2. Protect yourself from inflation: that is, choose investments that grow more than the average inflation rate;
  3. Be liquid, to be ready to seize new opportunities if these should finally show up.

We will inform all of our guide to these guidelines, with the certainty of offering our readers a truly complete guide to the best savings investments.

Can you really double, triple your capital in a short time?

Before going into the specifics of our guide, we want to make another premise.

As many of you will have already met online advertisements that promise you to double or triple your savings in a few days or a few weeks.

These are nice and good scams, which you should try to avoid because they won’t bring you anything good.

What you can reasonably expect from your investments is an increase in the value of your capital over time, which will allow you to increase your assets.

Nothing is magical, no one has ever enriched themselves with trading or investments within a few weeks.

Invest the savings with the bank

The first of the options you have available is to entrust your savings to the bank and try, thanks to the help of a good financial promoter, to increase your investment.

This is the classic way of investing savings, which the bulk of Italians have used in the past and which today is starting to creak.

Because? Because there are several problems that are related to the investment of savings, in 2020, as in the past and as in all probability in the future.

  1. Costs: bank managed savings often have unsustainable costs. There is talk of several percentage points on the invested capital, which means that even if you have an investment that you earn, you may find yourself at a loss;
  2. Your interests and those of the bank do not coincide: the bank has an interest in selling products that are convenient for you and very cheap for you. An example? The myriad of asset management products, such as mutual funds and insurance-financial products;
  3. You do not have full control: even if the financial promoter obviously needs your authorization to operate with your capital, you will not have completely the pulse of the situation. The situation is very different compared to those who invest instead with online trading, perhaps taking advantage of the latest generation platforms.

We are not prejudicial to what is offered by the banks to invest their savings.

We are only emphasizing the fact that today we can have available hundreds of alternative solutions, which offer lower cost plans and with full control of the situation to those who invest their savings.

Invest the savings with online trading

Invest your savings in 2020? The online trading is definitely one of the best options you have available.

With the best platforms for online trading, in fact:

  1. You have very low costs and in any case much lower than those offered by the bank;
  2. Freedom: you can invest in virtually any type of security and in any type of market. We are faced with a possibility that could even frighten you when you are a beginner, but which will prove to be fundamental later;
  3. You have full control of your wallet: you decide which title to enter and which to discard. You will be the one to open and close positions, you would decide whether to increase or decrease the risk.

We are facing a possibility, that of online trading, which today has opened the doors of all the best world markets to anyone who even has only a few hundred euros to invest.

Here are the best platforms you can use right now to learn how to invest in online trading.

No, we are not talking about universities, but of an attitude that you should maintain for the whole period of your life in which you would like to work with online trading.

You have to study, because of online trading is an information war, a war that you will win only if you decide to study the basics day by day and then the evolutions of the market that interests you.

With the 24option trading manual downloadable from here you can learn the basics of trading in Forex, stocks, commodities and even cryptocurrencies. A complete guide to start investing in the best way and to understand the markets you are going to try.

Invest the savings with the managed tools

There are hundreds of managed tools that your bank may have already proposed to you for investment. We are mainly talking about mutual funds and unit-linked policies.

They are tools that might even seem more than valid and maybe even interesting: for a few dollars there will be experts to manage our portfolio, who will trade to maximize our profits and minimize our risk.

In reality the data – which are available to everyone – tell a very different story.

As far as mutual funds are concerned, there are very important problems, which you absolutely cannot ignore if what you have in mind is to maximize the profit of your investment and still take low risks:

  1. They cost a fortune: you will pay commissions of more than 2% each year for management only ;
  2. They have lower average returns than personalized investor portfolios. To understand, to a more expensive management, do not correspond then greater earnings;
  3. They are unclear: however clear the prospectuses may be, you will never be sure of what the fund manager is doing. There are also funds that leave truly enormous freedom to the manager to invest in certain products;
  4. They can be very risky: don’t be fooled by the managed formula. Inside this category, you can hide products that are definitely not suitable for those who invest their savings;

Managed savings, in any form, are always and in any case more advantageous for the manager (and for those who promote these products, such as the bank) and for the customer, that is for us who are looking for a good investment for our savings.

The tools to invest savings in 2020

Given that we will be able to invest today – thanks to the possibilities offered by online trading, in the markets we prefer, below we briefly show you the best markets worldwide, also signaling those that are the pros and cons of each market.

Today you are lucky compared to the investors of a few decades ago: you really have the opportunity to invest on your own, following your skills and your information.

A freedom that is certainly a great responsibility, but that can certainly offer you many satisfactions, both in terms of earnings and personal fulfillment.

Invest savings in bonds, BOTs, CCTs and BTPs: advantages and disadvantages

Let’s start with the tool that is perhaps the most common for small and medium savers: the obligation.

They are debt securities, in the sense that they represent in all respects a loan we made to the state that issued the security.

When you buy a BOT, a CCT or a BTP issued by the Italian Republic, you are actually lending money to Italy.

In exchange, Italy – or any other state that issued the bond (so they are called in English) – recognizes the payment of an interest, usually six-monthly.

A very simple system that everyone can understand immediately and that allows everyone to earn a little something.

What are the advantages for those who want to invest savings in bonds in 2020?

  1. Simplicity: The product is very simple and allows you to earn even without knowing stock and finance;
  2. Management: you don’t necessarily have to buy and sell continuously. You can also buy a stock and wait for it to expire.

Without forgetting that today bonds have very low returns, thanks to the international economic situation. What to do then?

Simple: we need to diversify.

Bonds are an interesting way to build our secure base. You choose the percentage of capital to devote to bonds, to then move on to analyze the other types of products to invest.

Investing your savings in shares in 2020

Another very interesting alternative is that offered by the stock market. Everyone can invest today in shares, even if they are not exactly millionaires and above all even if you are interested in markets other than the Italian one.

There are plenty of platforms, such as eToro – which you can preview by clicking here – which allow you to invest in stocks either directly or through contracts, at costs much lower than those offered by your bank.

Investing in shares means becoming a full partner of a listed company, which means that you will follow its destinies, both for good and for bad.

You can make money from shares by buying and selling on the same day, or you can go and invest more in the long run, as so-called cassettisti do.

The stock market offers you very important possibilities, even though it is a riskier financial product on average at least compared to bonds.

You can start trading by practicing investing virtual capital on multiple markets, using the demo account – this gives you the chance to invest without spending even 1 euro to understand the functioning of stock exchange markets.

Not only Italy: from home today you can invest all over the world

The advantages of online trading become obvious when we are dealing with stocks. If until recently it was possible to invest only in Piazza Affari and through its own bank, today we have just one click away from any type of stock market.

Some prefer German shares, some American ones, some French ones. And there are also those who, as a small saver, love to venture into emerging markets such as China or Turkey.

Investing in ETFs and Indices: for an already diversified investment

ETFs are one of the most popular instruments among independent investors. The reason is very easy to understand: ETFs are instruments that offer good diversification, which follow the best stock market indices and have very low costs.

We are in front of the funds in all respects, which however do not have an active management, but a management that is called precisely “passive”.

There are ETFs able to replicate the most disparate indices: NASDAQ, FTSE MIB, NIKKEI 225, CAC 40 and so on and so forth.

We are dealing with a product that is actually very interesting:

  1. Very low commissions: you will actually end up paying a few tenths of a percentage point for the management, often even less than 1/10 of what you would pay with a mutual fund;
  2. Higher performance: the data speak for themselves, passive management savings in 53% of cases are better returns than managed instruments;
  3. Diversification: later we will discuss why it is important to diversify the investment. For now, you just need to know that ETFs make it easier to diversify.

ETFs allow you to invest in virtually the entire economy of a country, despite having only one security in your portfolio.

Investing your savings in raw materials: in 2020 it could be convenient

Another category of investments that you can use today to invest, thanks to online trading, is that of raw materials: natural gas, oil, but also cocoa, soy, gold, silver.

These are excellent investments – taking into account the fact that these are enormously volatile instruments – that today you can do even from home thanks to the best platforms that offer CFDs, or contracts for difference.

This is certainly a category of investments that is not suitable for everyone, but which we can include in a reduced percentage compared to the totality of capital we have invested.

Investing your savings in Forex: today even for small children

Forex has for decades been a market exclusively for specialists, one of those where small fish could not even think of approaching.

Today, however, thanks to the best platforms for online trading, you can go to invest without problems on the dollar, euro, yen, Swiss franc and on all the major currencies worldwide.

Also in this case you can think about opening a free demo account to go and invest virtual capital before venturing out with the capital you saved with sweat and sacrifices.

Forex is certainly a riskier market than we have presented to you so far and this specific type of investment should be reserved for a minimum amount of capital, unless you have a strong risk appetite.

As we anticipated at the beginning of our guide – at higher risks, however, there will also be potentially higher earnings.

Investing in cryptocurrency savings? It is possible with the best platforms

We close with an investment that for many may seem unconventional, but which offered excellent returns to those who moved in time.

We are talking about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin and others, which offer a medium-high risk prospect, but which offer potentially higher yields, again for the fundamental law of finance.

Also for this category of investments you should avoid using all your capital, and diversify to avoid being involved in a crack.

The best online platforms allow you all to invest in the best cryptocurrencies.

Should you invest the savings in this period?

You should always invest your savings. Leaving them to rot on our current account means eroding our savings from inflation and expenses, while even with a very low-risk strategy we can earn something.

Today’s guide can be your starting point to really start trading and investing your capital to the fullest, choosing the risk that suits you best.

Investing your savings is certainly the best of the choices you have available.

Is online trading a scam? No, it helps you diversify your portfolio

No, online trading is not a scam. It is indeed one of the best opportunities you have today to operate on the markets and to make your sweaty savings pay off.

Of course, you will have to follow correct and correct information, such as those we provide you every day on our site. Eye, because if it is true that choosing the best platforms for online trading you can surely get a lot, it is equally true that there are unfortunately scammed platforms, which were born with the exclusive goal to defraud customers.

On our site you will find insights on all the legitimate platforms to invest your savings, in 2020 as in the future.

Invest savings with policy, especially in trading advises you, before making even one order, to first learn every aspect of trading well – how? Through specific training.

Investing your savings is not a game and to do so you need to be well informed. Adopt the best trading strategies, but first carefully follow every training process.

Conclusions of our expert staff

The investment of savings is the best way to make money out of one’s capital. Not all that glitters is gold and unfortunately you will have to dodge offers that will surely not offer the best to your pockets and the return on your capital.

Remaining away from the banks and from managed savings, you will be able to move in search of the best returns and modulate the risk you want to take.

Today, thanks to the internet, you actually have excellent tools at your disposal to operate directly from home, and also to constantly increase your knowledge.

Knowledge that, we repeat to you in closing our guide, is fundamental for all those who really want to get the best from the financial markets.

Investing 50,000 euros on the stock exchange

How to invest 50,000 euros ? What are the best markets to bet on? When you have put together a sum of this kind, you will certainly not feel rich or a great capitalist, but we guarantee that you will have access to markets that others can only dream of.

You can also invest in the stock market in an intelligent and structured way, with effectively diversified portfolios, strategies to minimize risks and make your earnings more likely.

You will have to try first of all to understand the markets and above all to avoid all the traps of banks, financial promoters and institutions.

Today, those who really want to achieve results by investing 50,000 euros on the stock exchange or even another sum, must necessarily begin to think for themselves: there is no one who can take better care of our interests than we would do ourselves.

And this is even more true in a world where banks and insurance companies have been living in symbiosis for several years now, to sell financial products at very high cost, where the certain gain is only in favor of the banks themselves.

The good news is that today, especially with the capital you have, you actually have access to the markets thanks to neutral brokers, who do not recommend this or that product but rather offer you a platform for investments that you will then manage on your own.

An example is 24option, a broker that allows you, whatever the amount you want to invest, to operate directly on all the main world markets.

We have prepared a 10-point analysis for you, which will analyze on the one hand the best methods for investing and on the other hand it will indicate low-value investments, but always offering you an alternative.

Before continuing with the rest of the article, take a look at the table below: it shows you the platforms recommended by our team to invest in the online stock market (free practice account to test and understand how you are).

1. Mutual funds are a scam, or almost

It will certainly seem like a very strong statement. The mutual funds, direct or hidden inside products such as unit-linked policies, life insurance policies and pension funds, are 99% products to avoid.

How do mutual funds work and why not invest even a portion of your 50,000 euros? These are portfolios that are administered by management companies, which buy and sell securities for the purpose of maximizing profits for fund participants.

There are too many problems that are related to this mode of investment, problems that we should always keep in mind before choosing any of these products:

  • Very high costs: mutual funds (and similar products) travel quietly above 2% of annual commissions, whether they win or lose, whether there are profits or not;
  • Transparency: there are rules for each fund, although purchases of this or that title are often linked to personal relationships or in any case between the banking group and the issuer of the security itself. This turns into a conflict of interest that we will necessarily have to consider as harmful to our portfolio;
  • Inadequate returns: the data speak for themselves. There are very few funds that are able to have returns above the reference benchmarks. This means that we are paying very high fees without actually having any kind of advantage.

What we have just stated applies not only to mutual funds, but to all similar products, such as RIPs, unit-linked policies, pension funds.

Alternative to mutual funds: eToro copy trading

As an alternative to mutual funds, if you really don’t want to manage your portfolio directly, there is eToro copy trading, a system that allows you to copy the best traders of the platform with just one click.

So you won’t have to manage your wallet directly but you’ll still have a management that can show results and above all it doesn’t apply such high commission costs.

When savings are managed, you can be sure that you will not be the first beneficiary.

2. The deposit account? You are actually losing money

The second tool that has become very popular in recent years, both among those who have capital close to 50,000 euros, and for those who have perhaps less to invest.

The deposit accounts, below 100,000 euros, are considered as completely safe and this is certainly true, given that they are covered by the Interbank Guarantee Fund, which means that even in the event of the bank’s suffering, it will be the fund itself. cover up.

As always, however, we repeat on our pages, the relationship between risk and potential gain is always the opposite. When an investment is practically guaranteed, the potential gain is. .. practically zero. Indeed, if we were to take inflation into account as well, all the deposit accounts that are currently offered in Italy are negative.

Yes, you can invest in a safe way, but aiming to earn more

The good news is that you actually have alternatives that are just as safe, which can still offer you higher returns. There is not a single one: the best thing is to manage your capital differently, by contacting a broker who is able to offer you access to a large number of markets.

3. With 50,000 euros to invest, you must also think about the long run

50,000 euros, we will never tire of repeating it, it is a sum that allows an interesting organization of capital and above all a much more articulated approach to the markets.

What do we mean? We intend to say that although it is more than legitimate to direct part of the sum towards what are short-term strategies, it is also right and proper to think about the long term.

There are different markets with an interesting time horizon that can offer you adequate returns and above all protect you from risks.

We’ll talk about it in the next section of our 10 tips.

4. The stock market offers you a lot in the long run

The stock market is less and less publicized by banks and financial planners. The reason? Makes very little for them and too much for the customer. With an adequate time horizon of 7-10 years, the stock market is the one that offers the best returns, given in hand.

This means that if you allocate at least a portion of your 50,000 euros to the stock market, in the medium and long term you can reasonably expect good results, even without risks.

What you need in this case is a solid CFD broker, which has been operating for many years now and offers you a great choice in terms of stock markets. An example of this is for us, which allows you to invest in all the major stock markets in the world and which guarantees you low commissions and full freedom.

Think twice before investing in shares through the bank

What we advise you about is that banks should remain the last choice when choosing to invest in the stock market. We are in front of a channel that indeed:

  1. It has very high costs, because the banks charge fees up to 100 times higher than those of CFD brokers;
  2. It offers poor platforms, which do not allow good technical analysis and intelligent management of your portfolio;
  3. It does not offer access to all the best markets, which means that unfortunately you will have to miss a lot of opportunities.

Today you have much more interesting alternatives and they allow you to have much more correct access to the markets, putting you immediately on par with the real professionals of trading.

5. Cryptocurrencies: a world to be evaluated for a portion of your 50,000 euros to invest

There has been much talk, perhaps too much, of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoins and companies have offered incredible returns over the past few years and this has attracted a large number of late investors, despite the fact that banks continue to ignore this type of investment.

We too have had the opportunity to recommend this type of investment. However, if you have 50,000 euros to invest and you want to look at least to organize an investment that covers you from the risks, you will have to invest in only one part of your capital in cryptocurrency and once again choosing those that are brokers that offer you access to multiple markets.

You can think of allocating 5%, 10% or even 20% to Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum. But you will have to do it in a structured portfolio, which you can only build with those that are the brokers that really offer access to the best markets.

6. The Post Office is not the ideal place to invest your 50,000 euros

Italy unfortunately suffers from an enormous ignorance in financial matters, an ignorance that slowly even sites like ours are trying to unhinge. What do we mean? We mean that we have always turned, much more than necessary, to institutes such as Poste Italiane, which in addition to functioning as freight forwarders have always offered financial products as well.

Yes, even the classic booklet is a financial product, which unfortunately now offers ever lower returns, very close to zero, even before inflation.

Today Poste Italiane is an operator and intermediary that has evolved a lot, offering today a set of products that is identical to that offered by the banks. We do not have any prejudices for Poste Italiane, which are among other things perhaps the most solid financial operator in our country.

However, there are some issues that we will necessarily have to face, especially when we want to go and invest large sums like 50,000 euros:

  1. Super safe products, like booklets, make exactly like the other guaranteed products, that is zero;
  2. Managed products have no higher yields than banking ones and have comparable costs. When you choose a fund, pension or not, managed by Poste Italiane, you are buying very expensive products, with very high commissions and equally uncertain returns.

It therefore makes no sense to allocate even just a portion of your capital to postal products, which are as secure as the banking products and which unfortunately have no advantage whatsoever.

Even in this case, the self-employed makes for three.

7. Forex can also help us invest our 50,000 euros

50,000 euros are starting to be many, or at least a sum sufficient to have much more complex investments. This means that they also allow us to think of markets like Forex, which we have described and reviewed many times on the pages of this site.

Forex is a market that can offer excellent returns and that can above all help us develop skills that we can then also exploit on other markets.

The Forex is a highly technical market, where it makes the difference is the ability to be able to turn to a good broker. There are several in the sector, although we feel we can recommend one like 24option – here to preview its investment platform, which allows you to invest in all the major Forex pairs with zero commissions, instant order execution and lots of other.

8. 50,000 euro – sure you should invest in the brick?

Investing in brick is another of the Italian dots, one of those extremely hard-to-die dots that in reality never offered much satisfaction.

What leads us to think that the brick has always made incredible sums is the fact that nominal prices, at least compared to 50 years ago, are obviously enormously higher and those who inherit are with wealth, once again nominally, a lot greater than spending to buy.

In reality, net of inflation, investments in bricks had an income comparable to that of less risky bonds. What does this mean? It means that actually the investment in brick is much less profitable than it might seem!

A self-managed financial portfolio, if diversified, can offer much higher returns and above all protect us from the risks that, even in the real estate sector, exist.

Just think of those who bought before the 2009 crisis!

9. If you want to be guided, Copy Trading is a great opportunity

If you still don’t feel able to take care of your finances, the best way to approach the world of online trading is to turn to services such as the eToro platform Copy Trading, a system that allows you to really copy the best traders on that platform, choosing them also by type of investment and risk they run on the markets.

This also translates into a huge advantage over mutual funds or other types of bank managed investments. You don’t pay commissions and you have the same benefits.

10. Don’t trust those who offer you guaranteed earnings

Not only professional scammers, but today banks and insurance companies also offer products with guaranteed returns or in any case covered capital, in the sense that you will never lose what you have invested.

In reality, things are not really like this: insurance companies with guaranteed capital, however, are inclusive of coverage and management costs, which means that we can still lose part of what we have invested.

Those who offer you this or that incredible system to make money from the comfort of your home, is cheating you 100%.

It is true that financial markets can offer you excellent profits, but it is also true that you will have to apply yourself to get results. It is not a fairy and magical world, but a world of opportunities for those who want to commit themselves to understanding, studying and understanding.

Conclusions: online trading is the best way to manage your 50,000 euros

50,000 euros are an important sum, which means you pay more attention to capital and finances. The best way to manage this type of capital is to look out onto the markets, possibly independently, and try to organize your portfolio in a reasonable manner.

On our site you will find everything you need both to learn what is needed on the markets and to improve as an investor.

With a little study you can only get excellent results.