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Investing 50 euros on the stock exchange

Today, most people who choose to start playing on the stock exchange do so with less than 1,000 euros. The statistics speak for themselves and show us that people are no longer willing to risk a lot of money to make investments and this happens precisely because the money itself is scarce, especially the liquid ones.

Investing in the 50 euro stock exchange may therefore seem laughable, especially if you make comparisons with the large capitals that the big investors use in the markets to earn, but since the resources today are on average limited, it seems to be a good idea to learn to invest in the stock exchange with limited capital.

If you intend to invest in the real, physical, or bank a small amount of capital, we tell you right away that this is the wrong way. In these places you have to go only if you have minimum, and we repeat, MINIMUM a capital of € 20,000 available otherwise it would be better to stay at home. The alternatives for those who want to invest little, calmly and without pressure, however, are there and are just a click away.

But is it possible to start for free by investing even less than 50 euros?

Investing in the stock market 50 euros: can it be done?

To invest any amount online you need to rely on brokers and they have now become very democratic and open to customers by offering the opportunity to start trading very often from very low amounts of money.

A small problem, if anything, is the fact that the brokers require minimum amounts of 100 euros to be able to register and start trading right away, a sum that ultimately represents only double of the one we are talking about in our paper, but which ultimately is also convenient for you for the simple fact that with 100 euros if you trade with CFDs the gains are much higher than if you trade with € 50 only, indeed they represent exactly twice!

So the fact is that you should make this little effort and decide to deposit a little more money than the 50 euros you probably think you can invest, it’s about money that you will keep busy for a just cause and you certainly can’t say you regret it when you will see the earnings you can get starting from just € 100. Furthermore, making a deposit of this type is very convenient for you, as the broker, in addition to giving you the platform with lots of analysis tools, immediately offers you two types of bonuses as a welcome gift to a new customer.

Tips for investing in the stock market € 50

However, let’s say that you really only have 50 € available to invest in the stock market on the internet, what tricks you could use to avoid losing them immediately and instead make them grow out of proportion. The first thing to do is to be patient because starting from such low capital, the results come slowly, at least the most important results, because small victories and satisfactions you are about to take them off immediately.

By doing things very calmly and carefully it is possible to see the initial 50 € grow steadily and as long as your capital grows so will your earnings, it is in fact a directly proportional relationship that is all to your advantage.

When you see the first profits arrive, however, do not make a very common mistake among traders: do not withdraw the money you have earned. If you really want to make lavish profits you can’t afford to withdraw the money that comes into your account through trading because otherwise you would continually reduce your investment capital which as we have already seen is not very consistent.

Let the money accumulate and when you get over 1000 € you can give yourself the good rule of withdrawing only 30% on profits and not on the total amount of money in your account, just like this starting from 50 € you can really earn more and more until the stock exchange becomes your main entry.

Investing in the stock market 50 euros: how much do you earn?

In the early stages of your business that starts with a capital of this type, in fact, the gains are not very high. In the early days it is likely that you will be able to pocket a little money, say the daily pay of a waiter, on average € 20 a day. In fact, with only 50 euros it is difficult to achieve more, but what matters is HOW you earned this money and above all where these small daily incomes can take you over time.

Within a month, if you operated intelligently and with a strategic and well-planned approach, your capital may already have become substantial and you could even find yourself above an important threshold of € 500. From there on, the road will no longer be uphill.

20 pips a day

Maybe the term “pips” will make you laugh a little but it is what you need to make a good profit with a capital of 50 euros, or only 20 pips! The PIP is the minimum variation that can be had on the price trend of an asset on the financial markets.

Any slightest change that occurs in the market direction where you have invested will yield you money, any contrary variation will cause you a loss. Let’s say you made a sale on oil, now if there should be a negative price change in the oil price that goes from 40.9864 dollars a barrel to 40, 9844, here’s a 20 pips change and you’ve got got a profit that can be 10 – 15 euros based on the leverage you’re using.

The gains are therefore important if compared to the available capital, but for this reason it is crucial to always do a good market analysis when you find yourself investing with financial instruments of any type: even the smallest variations can bring good profits or annoying losses on your trading account, so it is up to you to immediately cut the legs of the operations that go wrong and let the ones that are in vain run.

Small but significant variations occur continuously on the financial markets and you have to do nothing but make yourself ready and catch them on the fly to maximize profits.


Give yourself a precise trading plan, observe the price movements on the reference chart and establish how many pips you want to earn per day, once you reach the threshold you set, turn off the computer and dedicate yourself to something else, don’t be greedy or reckless and work only when the chances of success are in your favor, so here with € 50 you will have enormous chances to become a successful trader in a reasonable period of time.

The other traders make trivial mistakes that are fatal to them like bad capital management.

To this aspect you have to pay the utmost attention, too, because starting from just € 50 each loss could be heavy and not easily remedied, so remember to set up the Stop Losses well so as to cover your money and limit the losses below a certain limit acceptable and not very harmful.

Invest in a 100 euro stock exchange

Are you curious about how to invest 100 euros in the stock market? Well, you started off on the right foot because this implies that you are already aware of the fact that this is a real and real possibility, of which you too can participate.

Of course, it seems difficult to imagine being able to do interesting business starting from a figure so small and apparently insignificant, but the truth is quite different and we want to take you to discover it with the simple and direct words of this elaborate one.

On we talk about financial and stock market investments, so we are sure to have some excellent tips to give you on how to invest 100 euros in the stock market at best.

If you intend to invest in the stock market, you’re not trying to figure out how to do it outside the internet, right? This would really be a bad idea that would not get you anywhere.

In the real world there is no room for those who want to invest small amounts of money and obtain satisfactory profits from them. The world of finance the outside is full of power games, lobbies and difficulties with which you don’t even remotely have anything to do if you intend to invest your famous 100 € online. By investing in the net you are the master of the situation, you don’t have to give an account to anyone and you have to be well-trained to understand how to increase this small sum out of proportion.

Let’s clarify one thing right away: to invest € 100 in the online stock market there are two main ways you can think of entrusting yourself. The first is the investment through social trading, while the other possibility facing you is investing in Forex and other financial instruments through CFDs (Contracts for difference).

These are two valid, legal and proven investment methods for investing in the network. Like you, many other people everyday look for their own source of income with stock market investments.

We rarely talk about people with huge capital, which is why we decided to take this guide on the best way to invest € 100 in the stock market.

Invest 100 € on the stock exchange: simple if you know how to do it

Let’s start our guide by trying to clarify how we can actually start an online trading business with such small capital. First let’s say that in the past it would have been impossible for you to think about starting to invest your money in the stock market.

The skills required were too many, the capital to invest amounted to tens of thousands of euros minimum, finally the management costs were so high as to cut off the legs of small investors right away.

But is it possible to do it on your own or do you need a guide from someone who provides the right tools to make money immediately and well?

Well, unfortunately it is not possible to operate in total autonomy, but almost. This means that in order to invest, all you have to do is ask for the support of a broker, an intermediary with all the appropriate attributes to allow you to become a true trader who earns his bread on the net and also much more than just a loaf of bread.

Invest € 100 with brokers on the stock exchange

Without the help of the brokers you certainly can’t think of investing your € 100, simply because you wouldn’t have the platform, the help and all the necessary tools. But where to find an online broker to invest € 100 in the stock market? All you have to do is ask and your wish will be fulfilled.

We dedicate ourselves exclusively to stock exchange trading, you will find all the material you need on brokers, but above all you will find the advice to make the right choice by avoiding unregulated brokers and scam brokers, which practically no longer exist from many years, but in any case it is always better to play it safe with secure resume and capacity providers such as those reviewed and recommended by us.

Brokers have everything you need to make you invest in the stock market online. These are very rich providers that have therefore lowered the claims and accompany you at all times of your online experience even if you only have to invest € 100.

Brokers offer you the platform

In practice, the brokers, or at least all those who operate seriously and at high levels, have developed investment platforms for you, these are web applications equipped with all the options and functions suitable for managing a stock exchange trading activity. Associated with your personal space at the trading platform you can also find your personal trading account where you can deposit your funds for trading.

If your initial capital is only 100 € that’s ok, the broker will in fact take steps to put into practice a series of useful initiatives to make it as easy as possible for you to enter this business, here are some examples of what a broker can offer you better invest your trading capital regardless of its size.

Account Manager

All high-level brokers then aim to further facilitate your trading experience by offering you the support of a dedicated account manager. In practice, your trusted provider promises to follow you carefully in the early stages of your career and does so by actually placing you at your side with an account manager.

It is a very knowledgeable person who knows about trading and moreover he also knows some tricks, tricks and strategies that you have to follow in order to increase your earnings and to make your business winning right away.

You can blindly trust your account manager because his goal is only to introduce you to the broker’s offer and guide you in the maximum exploitation of all that it has to offer. For this reason, we advise you to provide your phone number without any hesitation when registering, because it will be used to contact you and carry out an information service, not to cover you with advertising.

Trading platforms

Every self-respecting broker provides its customers with a wide range of level trading platforms such as web-based and mobile properties and, in most cases, the well-known trading platform metatrader 4/5; do a lot of tests using demo accounts to understand if the broker’s platform being tested is really efficient.

Teaching materials

Not sure where to put your hands to carry out the first online trading operations? Don’t worry because your broker can meet you in this too. You should know that on the website of the broker you have chosen you can find useful information material without a doubt.

It is educational material that is especially useful for beginners in order to learn the basics of trading and understand how to make the most of the small capital they find. The educational material is divided into many sources of different kinds and therefore we can range from ebooks, to finish the webinars to go to video courses.

The material is always reliable, but above all easy to read and understand as well as any self-respecting beginner’s resource.

Now that you are aware of what a great resource online brokers can represent for investing in the stock market, we want to present you with a short list of those that are certainly among the best in the industry.

We are talking about intermediaries authorized by the competent authorities in the field of financial products and therefore with them there is only peace of mind, moreover they offer advantageous trading conditions and where present, even low and very affordable costs.

You could always choose to rely on other brokers because there are many others online, but we guarantee that you will only lose time because we have already condensed here for you, the absolute elite of the online trading market!

Here is our list:

Each of these brokers has proven to be up to its task and able to satisfy its customers from every point of view, but the most important thing by far is the fact that they offer you their services for free, all you need is a deposit and then starting to invest online on their trading platforms – but I invite you to always start doing AT LEAST two months of practice through the demo account, available for free on all the brokers

Trading on contracts for difference to invest € 100 on the stock exchange

Here this is the classic question to which it is not easy to give an unambiguous and unquestionable answer. In reality it all depends a lot on your personal inclinations as a trader. You need to understand which of the two investment systems you like best and then make your choice up to that point, we will only limit ourselves to making general considerations that could direct your choice to one side or the other.

All this without counting the fact that there are traders who in fluency have decided to try either one or the other system and then decide, but there are also people who continually use both binary options and CFDs, but varying strategies of investment.

Let’s talk about CFDs

CFDs are an investment methodology that is certainly more dated but still valid. They have been making the fortunes of traders around the world for the longest time and are appreciated for being the first ever way for people to participate in trading the financial markets directly online with very small capital.

Even CFDs are very promising and still work great to make you earn even if they are based on a different investment system than binary options, we are talking about the same type of trading that is very convenient and rather simple to put into practice.

Even with CFDs you can make mind-boggling gains, but how can you access them from a capital of only € 100? The answer is very simple thanks to the leverage system. The brokers that offer contracts for difference make their capital virtually available to you by increasing your investment capacity and consequently your profits.

Through the brokers and the financial leverage your investment capacity will grow out of proportion giving you a higher investment power than your starting budget.

But be careful: leverage exposes the trader to a higher level of risk as price fluctuations are multiplied “number of times” compared to the lever used.

If you invest 100 euros in eur / usd with leverage x10, in reality you are opening a position (up or down) equal to 1000 euros.

Where to invest the famous 100 € on the stock exchange?

The investment possibilities are many. Brokers provide you with a large number of different financial markets, all of which contain the seed of profit, so your real chances of making a profit depends entirely on you and your attitude to investing. The important thing is not so much the specific market on which you decide to operate but your knowledge of the same, just so you can get the most out of your initial € 100 because by choosing markets that you do not know well you would only risk to increase the chance of loss.

Knowing a market simply means following it, knowing the basics and above all being aware of the market movers or those factors that are able to change the price trend of the good you are interested in.

If you keep yourself well informed and study you will know which are the main market movers and once you know them you will also know what effects they have from time to time, in this way it will become very easy for you to make market forecasts and get the most out of your investments.

In the same way, by continually observing the evolution of a certain title and good on the markets, you will know the underlying psychology, especially of those who work there every day whether they are large banking institutions or private traders like you.

The markets are varied. Certainly you have heard of Forex, well with online stock market investments you can also access the Forex which is the big currency market where most investors operate, taking great satisfaction from the fact that we are talking about a very rich and profitable market.

Then there is the market of raw materials that literally full of interesting assets to invest and on which you will have a lot of fun investing, we talk about basic necessities like sugar or oil, there are also precious metals like gold or gold. ‘silver.

The markets offered then also range in modern and new possibilities such as bitcoins, the main world currency that today is traded by many investors because it is recognized as a safe investment.


Today we have shown you that investing € 100 on the stock exchange is possible, it is simple and it is the best way to spend your money online. Instead of going to eat or drink that money somewhere with your friends because for once you don’t make a sacrifice and think about how to seriously invest your money to get ever-increasing revenues?

Now that you know the possibility of investing in the net with these investment systems you can no longer ignore it and therefore all you have to do is start trying out what it means to become a trader and perhaps even start doing it profitably.

Invest 20 euros on the stock exchange

Do you want to do stock trading but you don’t have much capital to invest? Welcome to this little guide where we want to present you a practical and intelligent way to start with a small amount of money and become over time a capable and effective stock trader, increasing your capital step by step, but constantly.

If you only have € 20 with which you want to start investing in the stock market, this small project offers you as a series of useful indications to capitalize on this sum to the maximum, certainly you cannot expect to become a millionaire within a week starting from just € 20 , but you will see that something can always be done on the stock exchange even starting from minimum figures.

If you started looking for a method like investing only 20 euros in the best way, I am sure that google has suggested a series of viable options, some good, some less so.

If you are interested in the stock market, financial investments and, therefore, the fascinating world of online trading, you could use 20 euros to buy a professional ebook to start training and we at believe it is the best thing to do.

If you are interested in this last aspect, I want to point out to you that for a few weeks you have the possibility to download a really well done manual to learn how to take your first steps on the stock exchange.

Investing in the stock market 20 euros: is it possible to do so?

Well, theoretically yes, today thanks to the fact that the exchange has become accessible online, aspiring traders from all over the world can decide and manage at will when, where and how to invest. The problem, if anything, is that it’s not possible to start a trader’s career with just € 20, but wait, if you’re thinking that you need a few thousand euros to become a trader you’re wrong in the same way.

You can easily invest a small amount of money on the stock exchange, but the main problem is that if you intend to do it online, or the only place where it is really feasible and convenient, you can’t start directly with € 20, but you’ll need some extra money.

As you will know the only way to have access to financial markets on the internet is through the brokers that offer this kind of services directly on the net, but they do not allow their customers to start trading starting from figures lower than 100 € , so although you can always decide to risk up to 20 € the initial deposit must always be at least 100 € or 200 € (vaia depending on the broker).

The good news is that it is your money and your only one that you can take back when you want – however pay attention to the disclaimers and terms and conditions of each platform – these may vary.

Moreover, becoming a client of a broker that offers you the possibility to invest starting from € 100 very often means entering the world of online trading in the best way, provided that you are able to choose your financial intermediary for good.

How to best invest 20 euros in the stock market?

To best use € 20 you must first study a good variety of possible assets on which you would like to invest. Brokers often offer you dozens if not hundreds of assets and securities on which you might decide to invest, but the best thing to do is to select only a few, at most 2 or 3, because going further would only be confusing in your head.

So consider many options initially once you have discarded most of them, choose a maximum of 2 assets where you think you could be successful in investing.

The next step will not be to immediately invest your 20 euros, but to start studying. Throwing yourself immediately into the fray would be deleterious indeed, if you “lose” 10 minutes at least instead of doing analysis and understanding how your underlying moves then you can greatly increase the chances that your trade is successful.

You can do technical analysis very quickly and in less than 10 minutes you could understand what is the right time to open a market position with excellent chances that you deserve credit with a considerable profit.

How much can you earn by investing € 20?

Let’s say that if you only have € 20 available, the gains cannot be too high, but in the end, if you are using a very volatile asset with good daily flares then you will see that the chances of profit are high .

For example operating on the Forex we say on the pair of Euro Dollar Currencies, or Japanese Yen Dollar, you could attend important daily excursions, but the best thing is to establish a precise profit target around 10 maximum 20 pips (minimum possible variations on the trend of price of an asset) if these pipes are registered in the right direction of purchase or sale your earnings could even be of some tens of euros daily.

Reading these small market movements that you need to get your daily income is easy, just use a small investment strategy.


Be very careful, however, because starting from 20 euros the risks on the investment could be fatal to you very soon if the market moves in the opposite direction compared to what you expected it could end up losing part of your capital and therefore you have to be careful to close in hurry your market position and not worry about it too much. A mistake that all beginners make is to remain in the market even when they lose while in reality it is stupid. Only profits must run, losses must be cut as soon as they arise.

Invest in a 10 euro stock exchange

You didn’t think it was possible, right? And yet it is so, today you can also think of investing in small amounts, or rather small ones, on the stock exchange, because if you have only 10 euros available.

Let’s talk about a rather small amount, but we still want to talk to you about the possible solutions to get something with minimal effort.

Although it is somewhat difficult to understand how to make good investments with € 10, it is possible by following a series of essential precautions and the rules used by professionals who know their stuff when it comes to stock market investments .

Let’s say immediately that if your intention is to invest only € 10 technically this is not possible.

It is not in the real stock exchange where in reality capital is needed starting at a minimum of € 10,000 and it is not even possible on the net theoretically, but perhaps there is a solution and it is available online.

To offer you a solution are the brokers that deal with online trading and now we want to explain how.

With the brokers that offer stock exchange trading directly with an internet connection you can also use small amounts to invest and you can already get something using them to the fullest.

The problem is that if you really intend to invest only € 10 you do not have the possibility to leave, this is due to the fact that the brokers ask you at least € 100 to start an investment activity.

This happens because starting from too small a capital is risky, but not only, also because the gains that can be made starting from small amounts are just as small and not very attractive.

One hundred euros is a balanced sum and not too burdensome, a sum that anyone can really afford to start investing in financial markets.

The advice to start better?

Most people can immediately have a similar amount and then in general they can do without confusingly knowing that it is money to “invest” and not throw away for the usual useless expenses.

With money you make more money, that’s why we’re here and we want to explain how you can manage to invest € 10. Let’s say we will try to explain you risk just € 10, but the strategies we will talk about will always be based on the initial € 100 sum.

Why do we say this?

Because as we said and start investing in the stock exchange it is impossible that you can start from a figure lower than this unless it is a poor quality provider that has no real interest in getting you to really earn money with online trading.

How to invest 10 € on the stock exchange?

Investing such a low figure requires a lot of patience and thrift in investments.

It will not be easy to get out of this procedure unscathed because the margin of error is really minimal but by following a few simple rules you can get a minimum of earnings and increase your capital in small steps, even if you spend 10 € at a time.

The first thing to do is to identify an investment asset well. To invest well 10 euros in the stock exchange you cannot ignore a well-chosen and carefully studied asset selection.

For example, you should always avoid excessively volatile assets because if on the one hand they could help you increase profits.

On the other hand, this type of asset (investment assets) may be too volatile and therefore your positions may be affected, in the sense that you would risk losing the € 10 you set as trading capital too quickly.

Our advice is therefore to study in depth different assets and choose a balanced one, at this point you do not have to immediately throw yourself into the fray to try to place your executed.

Spend time doing technical analysis without opening positions and only when you understand the behavior of the good you are interested in can you think of opening a buying or selling position on it.

The second step to follow is the choice of leverage. Leverage is a factor that helps you multiply profits because it multiplies your trading capital in practice € 10 can virtually become € 1000 thanks to leverage if you choose that 1: 100.

However, we advise against it because it could be risky, if you want to invest only 10 € you have to choose at most a financial leverage of 1: 50 in this way you will enjoy the advantages of leverage but without exposing yourself to too high risks, especially if you are starting out.

The brokers always offer you customizable financial levers and so you just have to choose those assets where leverage is moderate and rather low.

But which are the best brokers to invest in the best starting from just 10 euros?

How much can you earn by investing € 10 on the stock exchange?

Starting from a minimum capital of 100 €, you can think of keeping the profits rather high even risking just € 5 at a time or even less if you wish.

The most important thing is to set the stop loss level well based on market volatility but above all to ensure that only 5% or even less of your trading capital is at risk.

Don’t worry because the profit potential will not suffer and starting from a capital of 100 € if the price hikes reach at least 10 – 20 pips a day the gains can be considerable.

Acting moderately and paying attention to the risks you could also earn 20 – 30 euros a day, certainly not talking about stratospheric gains but considering that you are risking a lot less than 100 €, you would say that the game is worth the candle is not it?


By following these simple rules it will not be difficult to obtain the profits you want from investments in financial markets, with the slow but steady growth of your total capital you will be able to multiply profits gradually over time.

Even if as you have seen you will not be able to leave with only 10 € you can make sure that your investment risk amounts to that amount and you can do it very easily.

So, roll up your sleeves and think about gaining experience on how to better manage your investments; it will be the best way to make a brilliant career in stock exchange trading.

Investing 50,000 euros on the stock exchange

How to invest 50,000 euros ? What are the best markets to bet on? When you have put together a sum of this kind, you will certainly not feel rich or a great capitalist, but we guarantee that you will have access to markets that others can only dream of.

You can also invest in the stock market in an intelligent and structured way, with effectively diversified portfolios, strategies to minimize risks and make your earnings more likely.

You will have to try first of all to understand the markets and above all to avoid all the traps of banks, financial promoters and institutions.

Today, those who really want to achieve results by investing 50,000 euros on the stock exchange or even another sum, must necessarily begin to think for themselves: there is no one who can take better care of our interests than we would do ourselves.

And this is even more true in a world where banks and insurance companies have been living in symbiosis for several years now, to sell financial products at very high cost, where the certain gain is only in favor of the banks themselves.

The good news is that today, especially with the capital you have, you actually have access to the markets thanks to neutral brokers, who do not recommend this or that product but rather offer you a platform for investments that you will then manage on your own.

An example is 24option, a broker that allows you, whatever the amount you want to invest, to operate directly on all the main world markets.

We have prepared a 10-point analysis for you, which will analyze on the one hand the best methods for investing and on the other hand it will indicate low-value investments, but always offering you an alternative.

Before continuing with the rest of the article, take a look at the table below: it shows you the platforms recommended by our team to invest in the online stock market (free practice account to test and understand how you are).

1. Mutual funds are a scam, or almost

It will certainly seem like a very strong statement. The mutual funds, direct or hidden inside products such as unit-linked policies, life insurance policies and pension funds, are 99% products to avoid.

How do mutual funds work and why not invest even a portion of your 50,000 euros? These are portfolios that are administered by management companies, which buy and sell securities for the purpose of maximizing profits for fund participants.

There are too many problems that are related to this mode of investment, problems that we should always keep in mind before choosing any of these products:

  • Very high costs: mutual funds (and similar products) travel quietly above 2% of annual commissions, whether they win or lose, whether there are profits or not;
  • Transparency: there are rules for each fund, although purchases of this or that title are often linked to personal relationships or in any case between the banking group and the issuer of the security itself. This turns into a conflict of interest that we will necessarily have to consider as harmful to our portfolio;
  • Inadequate returns: the data speak for themselves. There are very few funds that are able to have returns above the reference benchmarks. This means that we are paying very high fees without actually having any kind of advantage.

What we have just stated applies not only to mutual funds, but to all similar products, such as RIPs, unit-linked policies, pension funds.

Alternative to mutual funds: eToro copy trading

As an alternative to mutual funds, if you really don’t want to manage your portfolio directly, there is eToro copy trading, a system that allows you to copy the best traders of the platform with just one click.

So you won’t have to manage your wallet directly but you’ll still have a management that can show results and above all it doesn’t apply such high commission costs.

When savings are managed, you can be sure that you will not be the first beneficiary.

2. The deposit account? You are actually losing money

The second tool that has become very popular in recent years, both among those who have capital close to 50,000 euros, and for those who have perhaps less to invest.

The deposit accounts, below 100,000 euros, are considered as completely safe and this is certainly true, given that they are covered by the Interbank Guarantee Fund, which means that even in the event of the bank’s suffering, it will be the fund itself. cover up.

As always, however, we repeat on our pages, the relationship between risk and potential gain is always the opposite. When an investment is practically guaranteed, the potential gain is. .. practically zero. Indeed, if we were to take inflation into account as well, all the deposit accounts that are currently offered in Italy are negative.

Yes, you can invest in a safe way, but aiming to earn more

The good news is that you actually have alternatives that are just as safe, which can still offer you higher returns. There is not a single one: the best thing is to manage your capital differently, by contacting a broker who is able to offer you access to a large number of markets.

3. With 50,000 euros to invest, you must also think about the long run

50,000 euros, we will never tire of repeating it, it is a sum that allows an interesting organization of capital and above all a much more articulated approach to the markets.

What do we mean? We intend to say that although it is more than legitimate to direct part of the sum towards what are short-term strategies, it is also right and proper to think about the long term.

There are different markets with an interesting time horizon that can offer you adequate returns and above all protect you from risks.

We’ll talk about it in the next section of our 10 tips.

4. The stock market offers you a lot in the long run

The stock market is less and less publicized by banks and financial planners. The reason? Makes very little for them and too much for the customer. With an adequate time horizon of 7-10 years, the stock market is the one that offers the best returns, given in hand.

This means that if you allocate at least a portion of your 50,000 euros to the stock market, in the medium and long term you can reasonably expect good results, even without risks.

What you need in this case is a solid CFD broker, which has been operating for many years now and offers you a great choice in terms of stock markets. An example of this is for us, which allows you to invest in all the major stock markets in the world and which guarantees you low commissions and full freedom.

Think twice before investing in shares through the bank

What we advise you about is that banks should remain the last choice when choosing to invest in the stock market. We are in front of a channel that indeed:

  1. It has very high costs, because the banks charge fees up to 100 times higher than those of CFD brokers;
  2. It offers poor platforms, which do not allow good technical analysis and intelligent management of your portfolio;
  3. It does not offer access to all the best markets, which means that unfortunately you will have to miss a lot of opportunities.

Today you have much more interesting alternatives and they allow you to have much more correct access to the markets, putting you immediately on par with the real professionals of trading.

5. Cryptocurrencies: a world to be evaluated for a portion of your 50,000 euros to invest

There has been much talk, perhaps too much, of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoins and companies have offered incredible returns over the past few years and this has attracted a large number of late investors, despite the fact that banks continue to ignore this type of investment.

We too have had the opportunity to recommend this type of investment. However, if you have 50,000 euros to invest and you want to look at least to organize an investment that covers you from the risks, you will have to invest in only one part of your capital in cryptocurrency and once again choosing those that are brokers that offer you access to multiple markets.

You can think of allocating 5%, 10% or even 20% to Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum. But you will have to do it in a structured portfolio, which you can only build with those that are the brokers that really offer access to the best markets.

6. The Post Office is not the ideal place to invest your 50,000 euros

Italy unfortunately suffers from an enormous ignorance in financial matters, an ignorance that slowly even sites like ours are trying to unhinge. What do we mean? We mean that we have always turned, much more than necessary, to institutes such as Poste Italiane, which in addition to functioning as freight forwarders have always offered financial products as well.

Yes, even the classic booklet is a financial product, which unfortunately now offers ever lower returns, very close to zero, even before inflation.

Today Poste Italiane is an operator and intermediary that has evolved a lot, offering today a set of products that is identical to that offered by the banks. We do not have any prejudices for Poste Italiane, which are among other things perhaps the most solid financial operator in our country.

However, there are some issues that we will necessarily have to face, especially when we want to go and invest large sums like 50,000 euros:

  1. Super safe products, like booklets, make exactly like the other guaranteed products, that is zero;
  2. Managed products have no higher yields than banking ones and have comparable costs. When you choose a fund, pension or not, managed by Poste Italiane, you are buying very expensive products, with very high commissions and equally uncertain returns.

It therefore makes no sense to allocate even just a portion of your capital to postal products, which are as secure as the banking products and which unfortunately have no advantage whatsoever.

Even in this case, the self-employed makes for three.

7. Forex can also help us invest our 50,000 euros

50,000 euros are starting to be many, or at least a sum sufficient to have much more complex investments. This means that they also allow us to think of markets like Forex, which we have described and reviewed many times on the pages of this site.

Forex is a market that can offer excellent returns and that can above all help us develop skills that we can then also exploit on other markets.

The Forex is a highly technical market, where it makes the difference is the ability to be able to turn to a good broker. There are several in the sector, although we feel we can recommend one like 24option – here to preview its investment platform, which allows you to invest in all the major Forex pairs with zero commissions, instant order execution and lots of other.

8. 50,000 euro – sure you should invest in the brick?

Investing in brick is another of the Italian dots, one of those extremely hard-to-die dots that in reality never offered much satisfaction.

What leads us to think that the brick has always made incredible sums is the fact that nominal prices, at least compared to 50 years ago, are obviously enormously higher and those who inherit are with wealth, once again nominally, a lot greater than spending to buy.

In reality, net of inflation, investments in bricks had an income comparable to that of less risky bonds. What does this mean? It means that actually the investment in brick is much less profitable than it might seem!

A self-managed financial portfolio, if diversified, can offer much higher returns and above all protect us from the risks that, even in the real estate sector, exist.

Just think of those who bought before the 2009 crisis!

9. If you want to be guided, Copy Trading is a great opportunity

If you still don’t feel able to take care of your finances, the best way to approach the world of online trading is to turn to services such as the eToro platform Copy Trading, a system that allows you to really copy the best traders on that platform, choosing them also by type of investment and risk they run on the markets.

This also translates into a huge advantage over mutual funds or other types of bank managed investments. You don’t pay commissions and you have the same benefits.

10. Don’t trust those who offer you guaranteed earnings

Not only professional scammers, but today banks and insurance companies also offer products with guaranteed returns or in any case covered capital, in the sense that you will never lose what you have invested.

In reality, things are not really like this: insurance companies with guaranteed capital, however, are inclusive of coverage and management costs, which means that we can still lose part of what we have invested.

Those who offer you this or that incredible system to make money from the comfort of your home, is cheating you 100%.

It is true that financial markets can offer you excellent profits, but it is also true that you will have to apply yourself to get results. It is not a fairy and magical world, but a world of opportunities for those who want to commit themselves to understanding, studying and understanding.

Conclusions: online trading is the best way to manage your 50,000 euros

50,000 euros are an important sum, which means you pay more attention to capital and finances. The best way to manage this type of capital is to look out onto the markets, possibly independently, and try to organize your portfolio in a reasonable manner.

On our site you will find everything you need both to learn what is needed on the markets and to improve as an investor.

With a little study you can only get excellent results.

Investing in the stock market 1000 euros

Take the case of having a discreet capital in your hands (and for example 1,000 euros to invest) but at the same time feeling rather indecisive about how to use it. Investing it on the stock market today is certainly a good idea, but you need to know how to start with the right way and taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the market today.

Until a recent past it was not possible to invest in the stock market directly online; anyone who wanted to buy for example shares, or foreign currencies (forex currencies, ed. ) was forced to do so exclusively in the bank or commissioning a financial broker who would do stock exchange transactions for him.

But to do all this, much more capital was needed… more than 1,000 euros! At least 20 times as many.

However, things have changed a few years ago. Today it is possible to invest in the stock market even starting from much smaller amounts, even lower than 1,000 euros, which is precisely the budget in your possession.

The possible ways to decide how to invest an amount as important as € 1,000 on the stock exchange can be manifold, so it is normal to ask what is the first step to do and possibly try to understand how to direct subsequent movements in order to increase one’s capital to out of proportion and perhaps to make money from the initial capital instead of losing it all.

How to invest 1,000 euros: it is possible with the online exchange

Today there are many valid methods and strategies to allow you to use your 1000 € of capital in the best way.

Here then is that in the remainder of our paper we want to show you the most obvious and right decisions to take in order not to waste your time and your money, to make sure that your stock market activity gives you enormous satisfactions, but above all to avoid commit a series of errors that lead beginners to invest in the stock market to lose their capital.

In fact, we are certain that any trader who is not well informed and unable to invest in the right way would fail to trade on the stock exchange even if he had € 10,000 at his disposal.

Now I am sure you are wondering: how is this possible in practice? You can do it through secure, reliable and regular investing platforms. On we have only selected 4 of them and do you know why? Because we preferred to focus your attention only on the really best ones.

You can find them in the table below – the most interesting thing about this is that you can try them for free and see how you are. This is possible by means of demo accounts (virtual accounts) which they make available to their customers.

Invest 1,000 euros with the rules of money management

To reap the best results from the investment of a conspicuous capital like that of 1000 € and to put in place the best ratio between losses and profits it is necessary to follow the main rules of money management, or the science that explains the most intelligent ways to exploit their own money in the investment sector.

What traders (small investors in online trading, ed ) don’t understand in the first place is the need not to lose their capital and to preserve it from the risk of uncontrolled losses and outflows.

So here is the first anticipation of the details that we will give you later: the golden rule of online trading is whether you choose to invest through social trading on the best platform or whether you choose to invest with the contract system for difference, it requires you to always use a very small, almost insignificant part of your trading capital, when you operate in the financial markets.

In this way, if a loss should occur, it would be insignificant and not very worrying, whereas if you make a profit you could add it to your “piggy bank” which will be used to increase future profits and become a successful trader.

In this activity, ants win, not sharks. Forget what you’ve learned so far about online trading, forget about the beautiful and funny movies like ” The Wolf of Wall Street ” that you’ve almost certainly seen and that has fascinated you.

Here to learn how to play the part of the shark you have to sweat and work like the ant that skilfully puts aside its small gains to overcome the winter, but already has the strength to lift up to 100 times its weight and therefore remember: never invest more than 5% of the total capital at your disposal in a trading transaction.

This is how the ant behaves when it intends to become a shark, at the top of the food chain.

Invest € 1,000 on the stock exchange: we answer the main questions

Invest starting from a capital of 1,000 euros on the stock exchange and do it through CFDs – contracts for difference and social trading: these two systems are the only advisable if you intend to invest seriously in a stock market activity, they are substantially different, but both can give you enormous satisfaction by operating on the financial markets.

Now we will give you practical examples of how to share your hypothetical capital of € 1000 to make profits both through eToro’s social trading and through contracts for difference ( on the 24option platform or on the other two recommended that you find in the table indicated above) on ).

First we will answer the main questions that generally revolve around online stock market investments then you will be the one to choose which of the two tools to use, remember only to do it with platforms up to the level (as already mentioned above, and of their task and that they really know how to guide you towards important horizons of income.

How to choose when to operate?

Let’s say right away that having “only” 20 trading transactions available, the first thing to do will be to select the best moments to trade well, you have to choose well because 20 transactions are not very many and you have to try to close them positively at least 15 out of 20 to do so as not to end up in red and indeed to bring your capital to grow already after the first week or the first 15 days of trading operations.

The best thing to do is to select only the safest and most reliable trading sinals, letting go of those market situations that are too nebulous or difficult to interpret that would greatly reduce the chances of making a profit for you.

So if you have already complied with the 5% rule for operation, in order to make a selection of the best trading signals you have to rely on market rules and laws and in particular on the analysis of the same through technical indicators.

When their use is framed within a precise strategy that also tells you, the time frame to follow, the deadline to select and the perfect moments to enter the market, then it is normal that you will be able to take home safely the 15 successful operations we had originally planned.

By using a strategy, you can guarantee ample margins of success in every single transaction you make. Using the best trading strategies you have the possibility to identify only certain signals that you must however judge as objectively as possible without letting yourself be carried away by the emotions and the greed to obtain high earnings immediately.

You have to keep yourself cool and rational and this will allow you to judge whether to enter the market or not, the signals selected in this way will allow you to have over 80% chances of success for the operations you are undertaking and then at the end of 20 total operations you will certainly have a positive balance, even by far.

In which markets is it best to invest?

It is really very difficult to determine on which markets it is best to invest when trading online on the stock exchange. The signals you choose to exploit (here to discover a valid service) must be generated from markets that you know and that you have learned to observe.

The first thing you could do for example is to go and get the economic calendar to check if important news is provided that can strongly influence the market trend including the one in which you have decided to operate.

If there is news, make sure you know what the movements that will generate in advance will be, so you will know immediately which choices to make without indecision.

Speaking of news and tools. .. given the topic, this package could do just for you.

We advise you to choose rather volatile markets and also in a clear and readable trend. Selecting markets that are not too lively and lateral will not allow you to make the best decisions and to analyze specific markets.

At the same time do not choose excessively volatile titles because this will certainly cause sudden price movements that you do not expect.

For example, you might think about choosing crude oil assets or even the most important currencies traded on the forex market that always offer great interesting market insights. Then yes you can get the best out of your € 1000 capital.

Don’t overdo it though. Remember to always be moderate even in the number of markets and situations you choose to keep an eye on for your operations and for your investment strategies.

Don’t limit yourself to just one market, otherwise you risk losing the principle of diversification of investments, but in the same way don’t exaggerate in the choice of a vast number of different assets.

A balanced choice regards a maximum of 3 – 4 assets to be kept under close observation, so that you can get in an average of ten signals to evaluate whether to consider or not.

In the end you could choose to do up to 2 to 3 operations a day once you have skimmed off the occasions that you feel are the least reliable, so don’t overdo it.

Invest € 1000 on the exchange with CFD trading

We have established that your starting budget to be dedicated on the stock exchange is 1,000 euros. How to act through contracts for difference on a secure platform like 24option?

After opening a demo account from here, complete all the registration part, completing the profile.

Then you can proceed to deposit the 1,000 euros using one of the many methods available (we always recommend prepaid cards as postepay).

Later you will find the paragraph that explains in detail how to act.

To be “employed” in your investment will be the entire budget, so all 1,000 euros. This means that potentially, according to the first general rule of financial markets, the entire budget is at risk. What are the consequences?

The first is positive: in the case of profits, you can make a lot of money thanks to the mechanism of leverage because it is as if you are always using your entire investment potential.

On the other hand, however, you have to pay close attention to the second consequence of all this: if it starts to lose, it is your entire capital that is at risk in a single trading operation and this could be a big problem but fortunately we already have in store for you an easy and direct solution that you can adopt: the stop system.

Leverage (leverage) allows you to multiply the budget invested in the position by “x times”.

How to do it in practice

Once you enter the market, you have two paths:

  • Invest the entire budget on one position (recommended only for the most experienced);
  • Invest only 5% of your budget on each position, then only 50 euros.

If you are fearless and you like the risk (highly risky profile for investment in the stock market) and therefore invest everything in a single operation, to establish the maximum level of your loss based on the general rule of money management in symbiosis with rule of 5% of maximum bearable risk, to do so you just have to give an order to your trading platform that establishes an automatic exit from the operation in progress that you have undertaken.

Once you have selected the Stop Loss, this is the technical name of this specific market order, you can sleep peacefully and if you invest using a trading strategy as we explained above, the chances that the stop loss level will be reached and that your position close down at a loss are minimal and on the contrary you will see your profits grow.

If instead you have a much more prudent approach (which I highly recommend), then you can also avoid using the stop loss – in the event of a loss-making transaction, you will still have met the golden rule of tolerable loss (5% of the total).

Note: even in this last case no one forbids you to use the stop loss indeed, it is always good to use it, setting a maximum loss of 50% on it – in our case 25 euros.

Finally, it also sets the take profit option to close the position automatically if it reaches a certain profit value.

Invest 1,000 euros with social trading

Social trading has only been born for a few years and, particularly in Italy, it is having a huge boom just now; this is because the best recommended platform for social trading (eToro) has developed an excellent service from many points of view so as to be recommended even by industry experts of international caliber.

Social trading, or social trading, is a trading system that makes the investment performance of all active investors public (within the community), making rankings based on the best performance.

Anyone can start on eToro’s social trading – what matters is to first understand how the platform works, and for this you have the possibility to use the free demo account with a virtual balance of 100,000 euros.

Using the search on the best traders you have the possibility to select, through the filters, to select the ones that are most suitable for you: in fact there is the opportunity to set filters by virtue of performance for a specific period of time, the risk appetite of the investor, the preferred markets (forex, raw materials, stocks etc).

The advice of is to register on the platform, complete the registration and start using the free demo in order to get familiar with the platform; you can also make your payment of 1,000 euros of your capital, but carry out your first trading operation only when you really feel ready.

The money management rule obviously also applies to social trading: we invite you to open positions (trades) NEVER above 50 euros.


Our planning to invest € 1000 is very effective and the basis of many strategies to make big money both with social trading and with CFDs, the traders who lose do not respect these rules and end up making a painful end without the beak of a penny in your pocket, so just remember to follow these rules and the money will arrive by itself.