Investing 50 euros on the stock exchange

Investing 50 euros on the stock exchange

Today, most people who choose to start playing on the stock exchange do so with less than 1,000 euros. The statistics speak for themselves and show us that people are no longer willing to risk a lot of money to make investments and this happens precisely because the money itself is scarce, especially the liquid ones.

Investing in the 50 euro stock exchange may therefore seem laughable, especially if you make comparisons with the large capitals that the big investors use in the markets to earn, but since the resources today are on average limited, it seems to be a good idea to learn to invest in the stock exchange with limited capital.

If you intend to invest in the real, physical, or bank a small amount of capital, we tell you right away that this is the wrong way. In these places you have to go only if you have minimum, and we repeat, MINIMUM a capital of € 20,000 available otherwise it would be better to stay at home. The alternatives for those who want to invest little, calmly and without pressure, however, are there and are just a click away.

But is it possible to start for free by investing even less than 50 euros?

Investing in the stock market 50 euros: can it be done?

To invest any amount online you need to rely on brokers and they have now become very democratic and open to customers by offering the opportunity to start trading very often from very low amounts of money.

A small problem, if anything, is the fact that the brokers require minimum amounts of 100 euros to be able to register and start trading right away, a sum that ultimately represents only double of the one we are talking about in our paper, but which ultimately is also convenient for you for the simple fact that with 100 euros if you trade with CFDs the gains are much higher than if you trade with € 50 only, indeed they represent exactly twice!

So the fact is that you should make this little effort and decide to deposit a little more money than the 50 euros you probably think you can invest, it’s about money that you will keep busy for a just cause and you certainly can’t say you regret it when you will see the earnings you can get starting from just € 100. Furthermore, making a deposit of this type is very convenient for you, as the broker, in addition to giving you the platform with lots of analysis tools, immediately offers you two types of bonuses as a welcome gift to a new customer.

Tips for investing in the stock market € 50

However, let’s say that you really only have 50 € available to invest in the stock market on the internet, what tricks you could use to avoid losing them immediately and instead make them grow out of proportion. The first thing to do is to be patient because starting from such low capital, the results come slowly, at least the most important results, because small victories and satisfactions you are about to take them off immediately.

By doing things very calmly and carefully it is possible to see the initial 50 € grow steadily and as long as your capital grows so will your earnings, it is in fact a directly proportional relationship that is all to your advantage.

When you see the first profits arrive, however, do not make a very common mistake among traders: do not withdraw the money you have earned. If you really want to make lavish profits you can’t afford to withdraw the money that comes into your account through trading because otherwise you would continually reduce your investment capital which as we have already seen is not very consistent.

Let the money accumulate and when you get over 1000 € you can give yourself the good rule of withdrawing only 30% on profits and not on the total amount of money in your account, just like this starting from 50 € you can really earn more and more until the stock exchange becomes your main entry.

Investing in the stock market 50 euros: how much do you earn?

In the early stages of your business that starts with a capital of this type, in fact, the gains are not very high. In the early days it is likely that you will be able to pocket a little money, say the daily pay of a waiter, on average € 20 a day. In fact, with only 50 euros it is difficult to achieve more, but what matters is HOW you earned this money and above all where these small daily incomes can take you over time.

Within a month, if you operated intelligently and with a strategic and well-planned approach, your capital may already have become substantial and you could even find yourself above an important threshold of € 500. From there on, the road will no longer be uphill.

20 pips a day

Maybe the term “pips” will make you laugh a little but it is what you need to make a good profit with a capital of 50 euros, or only 20 pips! The PIP is the minimum variation that can be had on the price trend of an asset on the financial markets.

Any slightest change that occurs in the market direction where you have invested will yield you money, any contrary variation will cause you a loss. Let’s say you made a sale on oil, now if there should be a negative price change in the oil price that goes from 40.9864 dollars a barrel to 40, 9844, here’s a 20 pips change and you’ve got got a profit that can be 10 – 15 euros based on the leverage you’re using.

The gains are therefore important if compared to the available capital, but for this reason it is crucial to always do a good market analysis when you find yourself investing with financial instruments of any type: even the smallest variations can bring good profits or annoying losses on your trading account, so it is up to you to immediately cut the legs of the operations that go wrong and let the ones that are in vain run.

Small but significant variations occur continuously on the financial markets and you have to do nothing but make yourself ready and catch them on the fly to maximize profits.


Give yourself a precise trading plan, observe the price movements on the reference chart and establish how many pips you want to earn per day, once you reach the threshold you set, turn off the computer and dedicate yourself to something else, don’t be greedy or reckless and work only when the chances of success are in your favor, so here with € 50 you will have enormous chances to become a successful trader in a reasonable period of time.

The other traders make trivial mistakes that are fatal to them like bad capital management.

To this aspect you have to pay the utmost attention, too, because starting from just € 50 each loss could be heavy and not easily remedied, so remember to set up the Stop Losses well so as to cover your money and limit the losses below a certain limit acceptable and not very harmful.

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