Russia accuses western nations of bias in Alexei Navalny’s case

The arrest of top Russia critic Alexei Navalny has generated so much protest in Russia. The Russian government has accused Western countries of fueling the protest that has engulfed the Kremlin in recent days.

Russian officials slam Western nations of meddling in domestic matters

The Russian government has hit out at the US and its allies for promoting protest to support the Russian critic, Alexei Navalny who was arrested last week.

According to reports more than 3,000 of these protesters were arrested. However, the spokesperson of the Russian president has denied the report and said just a few individuals were questioned about their involvement in the protest.

The European Union foreign ministers will meet this week to talk about necessary action to take against Russia. There have been calls for an increase in sanctions against the Kremlin until it stops impeding human rights. Government officials in nations like Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia are calling for strong measures against top Russian officials who are linked with Alexei Navalny.

EU leaders call for stringent sanctions against Russia

Also, Poland leader, Andrzej Duda has called on the EU to step up actions against President Putin’s strong opposition. Huge protests were visible in about 150 cities across Russia on Saturday and Sunday. Cities like Moscow and Petersburg witnessed the biggest demonstrations and there were fisticuffs between the people and security officers.

Videos emerge in Moscow where security officials were seen beating and hitting protesters. According to several media reports, the scale of these riots and protests has not been witnessed in a long while. Dmitry Peskov, President Putin’s spokespersons slammed the US embassy in Moscow for meddling in Russia’s domestic issues.

The Joe Biden new administration has told Russia to release Navalny and other state activists illegally detained by the Kremlin. Furthermore, the Russian embassy in Britain also accused Western countries of using their embassies to promote protest and demonstrations against the Russian nation.